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Life & Group Benefits

Helping You Choose The Right Option

Life Insurance

Protect the ones you love by making sure you have the life insurance that's right for your needs. Whether you want basic coverage for outstanding debts, medical bills or other final expenses, or you want to provide a lasting legacy to your survivors, we can help you find the appropriate policy.

Life & Group Benefits

Buy/Sell Insurance

As a business owner, your death or long-term disability would have a significant impact on your business, as well as your survivors. Buy/Sell insurance can help mitigate stress by providing the funds that can enable your company to be successfully transferred to a partner or other new owner.

Key Man Insurance

If your company relies on the presence and actions of one or a few people to generate business income or otherwise keep the company operating smoothly, their unexpected death(s) could have serious consequences. Key Man insurance helps your company deal with those aftereffects.

Disability Insurance

Like Key Man insurance that provides protection on the death of an essential employee, disability insurance for you or other key personnel in your business helps ensure your business continues to operate smoothly and without interruption, financial default or even failure, in the event of disability.

Group Disability Insurance

As an employer, you can significantly boost morale and improve employee retention by offering affordable group disability insurance for short- and long-term disabilities.

Individual Disability Insurance

Protect your income, your savings and the financial future of yourself and your loved ones by having individual disability insurance to provide income protection if you become disabled.

Group Health Insurance

Attract and retain better, more qualified employees by offering group health benefits to your employees. We can help you learn which plan is right for your company and ensure your company remains compliant under current healthcare reform policies.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care can be extremely costly, and without adequate insurance in place to help cover those costs, you and your family could wind up losing a lifetime of carefully planned savings. Long-Term Care Insurance helps pay for your care and protects your family's future.

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