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Recovering From Identity Theft

identity theft

Personal identifiable information is easily compromised these days, and the cost to rectify its theft can be shockingly high. There are expenditures to reproduce financial records. There are often legal fees. You could even find yourself in a court battle over the title to your home.

Taking steps to bar cyber intruders can go a long way in preventing a cyber hack. For example, you should immediately change passwords for your internet and cable TV hardware from the manufacturer’s to your own personal code. This also applies to your security cameras and other internet-connected devices.

Your home insurance policy may offer limited coverage for identity theft. If it doesn’t, you can ask your agent about an addition to your policy called an endorsement. Coverage may include money to help pay for costs associated with document production, legal help, and court fees. In some cases, your policy might even cover some lost income or childcare costs associated with your time spent dealing with identity restoration.

An identity theft policy, however, typically doesn’t cover moneys stolen from you, such as through bank or credit card fraud. In these instances, you need to work with your financial institution.

Learn more about how cyber insurance or identity theft coverage can protect you against cyber criminals.

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