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Do We Need Special Event Insurance For Our Event?

Special Event Insurance

If you’re asked to sponsor an event like a conference, happy hour or golf outing or you want to provide food for a business activity, will your liability policy provide coverage? Injury, foodborne illness, or even property damage can happen at any type of gathering. While your general liability policy can offer some protection, it may be best to consider special event liability coverage.

Not only is special event insurance very affordable, the underwriting process is typically straightforward as well. The application will request the date and type of event, whether you’ll utilize any hazardous equipment, the number of attendees anticipated, if you want liquor liability coverage, and what you’ll feature as entertainment.

A special event policy can also be written to include event cancellation insurance, which the past year has shown is a very important protection. Your agent or broker can work with you on the details of any exclusions in that policy.

Special event insurance will protect your general liability insurance coverage limits. If someone suffers a catastrophic injury at your activity, your special event policy would respond first, leaving your commercial general liability coverage for more standard incidents, like customer slips and falls.

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