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Use Spring Cleaning To Also Review Your Commercial Property Insurance Policy


After months of chilly weather across much of the United States, warmer temperatures may seem an eternity away.

But spring will come, and when it does, many businesses will take some time for much needed “spring cleaning.”

According to, businesses that take their spring-cleaning activities seriously can expect the following results:

Higher productivity and accuracy. It’s simplistic but true: people work better when they feel good. In addition to improving overall health, cleanliness also reduces time spent searching for supplies, documents, etc.

Fewer injuries. A clean workplace improves safety and can help workers and guests avoid slips and falls, which account for over nine million emergency room visits annually, according to the National Floor Safety Institute.

Lower absenteeism. Cleaning away sources of bacteria, dust, bug detritus and mold can reduce employee days off for poor health, including headaches and upper respiratory problems.

Accurate supply inventories. Knowing what you have in stock and where it is will save money and time by reducing duplicate orders.

Proper document storage and retention. It may prove surprising what turns up while cleaning.  Out-of-place documents, which may contain needed or sensitive information, are often found and can be properly filed.

Use your spring cleaning to also reconcile your commercial property insurance policy. Have you discarded or acquired expensive business property? Have you decided to start renting or cease leasing ny machinery, autos or any other items? Will you be moving anything into offsite storage? The answers to these questions can make a big difference in the cost and adequacy of your insurance policy.

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