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Telemedicine Is Increasingly Available


With the isolation demands of COVID-19, many healthcare providers turned to virtual medical appointments. Though telemedicine has been around for years, it hadn’t taken off—partly because providers didn’t offer it, partly because insurers didn’t cover it, and partly because patients weren’t demanding it. That all changed over the past two years.

Even now that doctors are seeing patients in person, many people want the convenience of dealing with some health issues by computer, phone calls or text messages. Using phone cameras or computer apps, patients can give medical personnel very good information and insights into the health complaint. When combined with pharmacy delivery, a sick person doesn’t have to leave home at all to get treated!

Your health insurance plan may now offer expanded coverage for telemedicine. It may cover physical problems as well as mental health consultations. And it could be the same price as — or even less than — an in-office visit. If you have — or need — insurance on the non-employer market, talk to your insurance agent about what is available and the value of a telemedicine benefit.

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