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What is Sinkhole or Subsidence Insurance Coverage?


A sinkhole is a natural depression or hole that forms in the earth’s crust. It can occur as a natural phenomenon, as well as from man-made causes. Nationally, sinkholes are relatively rare, but they happen across the nation and can open up suddenly, causing serious damage.

A sinkhole generally forms over time, somewhat unseen, so it is good to inspect your indoor and outdoor property for signs of the developing sinkholes. Cracks in a building’s foundation, in walls or in sidewalks, and depressions in your yard or driveway are all signs of potential sinkhole activity.

Sinkhole coverage, sometimes referred to as subsidence coverage, may be excluded from your homeowners policy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get insurance for it. You can usually purchase sinkhole protection as an endorsement to your homeowners policy, so inquire with your local agent about what’s available.

Note that if your car falls into a sinkhole, comprehensive auto insurance will cover the vehicle if you have elected that coverage.

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