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Auto Insurance Coverage Options For A Cracked Windshield


There are numerous hazards that can cause damage to your windshield. Everything from highway debris to hail to falling trees and flying baseballs.

When a windshield is badly damaged, most people look to their auto insurer for help with coverage—especially for back windshields, which can be very expensive to replace. But many people don’t immediately address chips and small cracks, and that’s a mistake.

A small chip on your windshield can turn into a large problem if it is not addressed early; a small windshield crack can spread and cause further damage and danger to vehicle occupants. If concerns about the price of repairs is holding you back, know that many auto insurers cover small repairs entirely outside your deductible—meaning you don’t have to pay to prevent serious damage from developing.

Windshield glass can often be insured under “comprehensive” coverage on your auto policy, and some carriers will waive the deductible for glass-only claims. Other insurers waive the deductible for glass repairs but not for full windshield replacements. In some cases, an insurer will offer “full glass coverage,” which saves you from having to pay a deductible on a glass claim.

If you opted out of comprehensive or windshield coverage when you first bought your auto policy, talk to your agent about the cost of adding it. You may be surprised at its affordability.

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