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Your Biggest Investment Isn’t Your House

Nest egg

When people think of their biggest investment, they often think of their house, since it costs more money than any other property they own. But your home is just part of your larger nest egg, which really is your full retirement assets.

From the beginning of your working life, you should be focused on creating a financial portfolio that will sustain you through the ages. This includes a number of things you can add over time:

• A home that builds equity in case you need to sell it and live off the proceeds
• Life insurance that protects your family against a premature death, but also builds assets that can be used later in life if necessary
• Market investments that grow over time
• Funding for healthcare or assisted living
• Income protection, in case you become disabled.

With solid financial planning, all of these things can be afforded. But it may take more foresight and discipline than comes easily. That’s where a financial advisor can be of great benefit. We can work with you and your current budget to design a plan that carefully adds to your nest egg over time—without forcing you to eat ramen every night for a decade. Our financial advisors will find you tax-advantaged building blocks that won’t
keep you up at night worrying about stock market volatility and sudden losses.

A good combination of monthly budgeting and wise investing can get you to a place of great comfort when it’s time to transition out of full-time employment. Let us help you find that good balance and build that portfolio of rewards.

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