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Auto Insurance That Pays Medical Bills


Your auto insurance not only helps pay others injured by you in an accident, it can also help with your medical bills and other expenses resulting from your injuries. Such coverage could prove especially valuable if you don’t have access to health insurance for such injuries.

One example of this coverage is com­monly called “no-fault” or “personal injury protection” insurance. Another example is commonly called “medical payments.”

In some states, no-fault/personal injury protection coverage is mandated by law. This coverage pays for the medical treat­ment for anyone listed on your auto policy, regardless of who caused the accident. This coverage will also apply to incidents where you are not driving your own vehicle.

In some cases, no-fault/personal injury protection insurance will be the first cover-age to pay for medical costs associated with an auto accident, prior to health insurance, up to the limit stipulated in your policy.

Similarly, “medical payments” insurance, which may not be available in some states, is added to the personal auto policy as a way to cover associated medical bills for you, residents of your household, and possibly others who are injured in an accident. In today’s age of skyrocketing healthcare costs, having insurance for medical expenses associated with a car accident is a great investment in your financial and physical well-being.

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