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Home Foundation Protection From Earthquakes


In the U.S., earthquake coverage is not a standard item on homeowners insurance policies. Some insurers will cover losses resulting from perils caused by an earthquake, such as a fire, explosion, or power outage that may follow a seismic event, but damage from the earthquake itself is usually excluded.

Typically, people consider purchasing—or are required to purchase—earthquake insurance if their home is in an area prone to tremors. However, if your home is in a zone with low potential for earthquakes, it might still be wise to purchase the coverage. This can usually be done through your standard insurance company, and coverage can be added on to your homeowners policy. An earthquake rider typically carries a deductible based on a percentage of the value of your home, usually giving you the choice of somewhere between 2% and 20% of the replacement cost. The higher the deductible percentage that you choose, the lower your premium may be.

Earthquake insurance outside of high-hazard areas is commonly very affordable and can protect you from extremely costly foundation repairs in the event a tremblor causes damage.

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