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Driving Less? Maybe Pay-per-Mile Auto Insurance is for You

pay-per-mile auto insurance

If you drive fewer than 12,000 miles a year, you might benefit from pay-per-mile auto insurance. This is a type of personal auto policy that charges a low base rate per day, plus a set per-mile additional fee, sometimes as low as five or six cents per mile.

This type of insurance is fairly new to the market, but is increasingly available through traditional insurers, so you can still bundle home and auto with the same company. It is meant for people who drive infrequently. Those who work from home, senior citizens, urban residents, and stay-at-home parents are often attracted to the pay-per-mile model.

The policies can cover collision, non-collision damage (sometimes called “comprehensive coverage”), and your liability for injury to others or damage to their property. They also cover theft and may be enhanced with
roadside assistance.

The price you pay per month varies with how much you drive. That is measured using a device that plugs into a receptor under your dashboard. It automatically sends your mileage to your insurer each month to generate your bill. Some people find this type of insurance more convenient and more cost effective. Your insurance agent can help you compare prices and benefits.

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