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Those Pipes Aren’t Covered by Your Home Insurance

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If you’ve ever seen a trench dug from your neighbor’s home to the curb, you’ve probably seen what it takes to find and repair a utility line that goes from the provider-owned lines to the house. A break or problem in those lines is not insured under a typical homeowners insurance policy— but it can be.

Tree roots, the weight of vehicles, age, and construction or landscaping accidents can all cause damage to buried utility lines. Repairing them can cost thousands of dollars. You can purchase an addition to your home insurance policy that covers service lines. It is typically only a few dollars a month and can cover natural gas, electricity, plumbing, and cable internet/TV, among other possibilities.

Ask your agent about coverage for other landscaping, such as trees or outdoor structures that might be damaged or lost in the repair process, since policies differ.

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